The Best Time Tom Selleck Broke Character On Blue Bloods

Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) in “Blue Bloods” is the epitome of the saying, “Once a cop, always a cop.” He’s a former NYPD officer who has risen through the ranks to become Commissioner. However, don’t think for a second that means he spends every day behind a desk. He often gets involved in investigations himself, which is to be expected when all of his children have followed in the family’s footsteps to become affiliated with law enforcement themselves. Outside of aiding family, he maintains a steadfast, prudent temperament so that he can resolve issues, both familial and political. 

However, just because Frank attempts to remain all business all of the time doesn’t mean actor Tom Selleck doesn’t have a humorous side. He embodies the character of Frank well, but even he’s not immune to the antics of his co-stars or goofing off a little bit on his own. There are plenty of bloopers and outtakes showcasing Selleck’s sense of humor, but one stands above the rest.

Tom Selleck has trouble finding his glasses

Frank Reagan looking for his glasses

What do Frank Reagan and Velma from “Scooby-Doo” have in common? Apparently, they both have trouble finding their glasses from time to time. 

That’s evident from a blooper from “Blue Bloods” Season 4. Frank Reagan appears to have a fairly innocuous conversation with some other people when he goes to reach for his glasses. In what’s arguably the best thing that could’ve happened at that moment, Tom Selleck misses the glasses, ruining the moment. But before going back to try to get the scene again, Selleck spends some time banging around his desk with exaggerated effect. It’s a hilarious beat and shows that even if you’ve been in the industry for decades, like Selleck, you’re never too old to mess around with your co-stars for a bit.

It’s far from the only blooper the actor has on the reel. From forgotten lines to purposely fooling around on set, Selleck seems like a hoot to work with, and that goes double for the rest of his co-stars. “Blue Bloods” may be a fairly serious show for the most part, but it’s nice to see how the actors associated with the show haven’t lost their senses of humor in the process.

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